Metatrader - Telegram Signals Bot

Metatrader-Telegram Signals Bot

Metatrader – Telegram Signals Copier Bot Software Tool – Copy Signals and Trades From Metatrader to Telegram Channel Instantly! 💸

Metatrader - Telegram Signals Bot

💯 Metatrader – Telegram Signals Bot – best solution for trading signals distribution for telegram channels and subscribers.

💲💲💲 Copy signals and trades directly from Metatrader to Telegram channel instantly and accurately. 💸 Send automatic notification to Telegram directly from Metatrader then order placed, including such information as: order type, asset, timeframe, stop-loss, take-profit, time, etc.

✅ Easy to install and easy to use.

✅ Send signals from metatrader to telegram and broadcast.