Using the ATR (Average True Range) indicator in trading strategies to determine stop loss levels

The technical indicator Average True Range (ATR) is an indicator of market volatility. It was introduced by Welles Wilder in his book “New Concepts of Technical Trading Systems” and since then the indicator has been used as a component of many other indicators and trading systems. This is a fairly popular indicator included in most market analysis software. Its main purpose is to set the correct Stop Loss levels. This is the most effective method of setting stops, which is proven by statistics.

How to Implement a Trading Strategy for Moderna and Pfizer Stocks

Right now, stocks in companies developing a vaccine against the virus look very attractive to investors. Knowing how to correctly determine the trend and price movement, you can make a profitable investment and get a lot of profit.
We have developed a script that analyzes price movements in real time, taking into account current and past trends, and offers signals to buy company shares MODERNA NASDAQ:MRNA

Learning More About Bollinger Bands TRADING STRATEGY

The technical indicators used in Bollinger bands are moving averages, weighted averages, exponential moving averages, standard deviation values and zigs. The former two are known as moving averages, as they are used to indicate a general trend. They are also useful in indicating market reversals. Moving averages are more reliable than other technical indicators in […]


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